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Transportation Lesson Plans 

Collaborative Thematic Unit:
This is a theme unit for grades K-2. Students study different methods of transportation using toys, books etc. There are poems and songs to complete this unit.

Heli-Hound Home Page
Students can learn about helicopters and safety with this theme unit.
This is a lesson plan for Kindergarten students. Students will identify different vehicles and discuss how they are similar and different.

This is a lesson plan for grades K-2. Students will identify modes of transportation and name the purpose of each.

Cruisin' Teacher's Manual
This unit is written for highschool students. It is designed to give students a better understanding of how automobiles have affected American culture during the last hundred years.

Wendy Altobell Flight Unit
This is a unit for grade 1 students. Children learn about things that fly. This unit is complete with masters to make paper planes etc.

Darla Olson Aerospace Unit
This unit is for Kindergarten students. Students will learn all about airplanes and their parts.

This is a unit for grades K-3. Students learn about the history of airplanes, parts of an airplane, uses of aircraft, why airplanes fly etc.

Nuttin' But Kids Transportation Page
Here you will find many songs, poems and finger plays about transportation.

Paper Airplane Science
This is a lesson plan for grades 2-6 that teaches the scientific process.

Education Center Activity: Map It Out!
Written for grades 3-5. Students make a map of their journey from home to school.

Education Place Activity: Moving Through Time
Written for grades 3-5, students do research to learn about transportation through the years.

Education Center Activity: Transportation Museum
This is a primary lesson plan for grades K-2. Students are involved in making a Transportation Museum by bringing in toy cars etc.

Education Center Activity: The Places We Go!
K-1 children learn how to track their movements through a school day.

Education Center Activity: Armchair Travelers
This lesson plan is written for grades 4-6. Students plan and design a virtual trip of their choice.

Air Quality and Transportation Lesson
Grade 2 students learn how pollution affects our environment and discuss ways such as car pooling to cut down on pollution.

Plank Road Lesson Ideas, Michigan Historical Museum
These lesson ideas help students learn about the role of transportation in Michigan during the nineteenth century. The ideas can be adapted to any area.

Train Line 

 The Underground Railroad 

Here is a list of fiction, non fiction, and teacher resources to use while teaching the Underground Railroad.

Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad for Children
This site has activities and ideas on teaching about Harriet Tubman (one of the women of the Underground Railroad) from a grade two class.

Underground Railroad Assignments
Teachers can find questions for the novel The Underground Railroad here.

Women of the Underground Railroad
Here is a list of heroines who helped in the Underground Railroad.

Train Line

 Transportation Links 

The Wright Brothers
This site has background information on the Wright Brothers.

The Life of Henry Ford
Learn all about the life of Henry Ford at this site.

World's Transportation Commission Photograph Collection
Look at different modes of transportation from the early years. Good site for comparing the technology of transportation. You can view rickshaws, railroads, elephants, sleighs, sedan chairs etc.

Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page
This site has many, many links related to the railroad.

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