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Christmas bells


Christmas Tree Word Search

Christmas stocking A Scrambled Christmas Christmas stocking
Can you unscramble the Christmas words?

D O H L P R U __________________________________________

T A S N A   L C U S A ____________________________________

L G A E N ______________________________________________

T S R A ________________________________________________

Y C D A N S E C N A _____________________________________

S E S T P N E R __________________________________________

T S A M C R H I S   E E T R _______________________________

Z N B L E T I ____________________________________________

Y T S O _________________________________________________

E S L E V _______________________________________________

Christmas lights Christmas Crafts
Make A Class Christmas Tree Animated Christmas Tree

Have your students trace their hands onto green construction paper and cut it out. Using their hands, have the children curl the fingertips upwards to make a branch look. Display all the handprints into a Christmas tree shape.

Make A Handprint Wreath

Have the students dip their hands in green paint and make green hand prints in a circular shape on tagboard. When the paint has dried roll small pieces of red crepe paper into balls. Glue the red berries onto the hand prints. Make a red bow out of the crepe paper and staple it onto the wreath. Cut a hole in the middle of the wreath. Use either green or red wool to hang the wreaths. Even very young children can achieve pleasing results with this activity!


Santa Claus Christmas Puzzle Santa Claus

Can you solve the Christmas puzzle?
The words will be the same both up and down.


1. Helps Santa Claus

2. opposite of truth
3. I ___________ the horses.  

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