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Gold Rush Quiz
( Piece Of Cake )
Grades 2 - 3

      Welcome to Debbie's Unit Factory interactive Gold Rush Quiz. Test your skill with these questions.

    1. The Gold Rush began when?
      A) Gold was discovered in a stream
      B) Gold was discovered in the snow
      C) Iron was discovered
      D) The end of the rainbow was found

    2. Gold was popular because:
      A) It had a nice colour
      B) It was easy to find
      C) It could make a man rich
      D) All of the above

    3. The first method of searching for gold was the:
      A) Sluice box
      B) Gold pan
      C) Rocker box
      D) Cornish Wheel

    4. Miners travelled by:
      A) Mule
      B) Horse
      C) Foot
      D) All of the above
      E) None of the above

    5. Barkerville, British Columbia was named after:
      A) James Douglas
      B) Billy Barker
      C) Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie
      D) Bob Barker

    6. As a result of the Gold Rush:
      A) Roads were built
      B) Law and Order was established
      C) Towns were built
      D) All of the above
      E) Only A and C

    7. The Gold Rush ended when:
      A) People moved away
      B) The police came
      C) The gold ran out
      D) The streams froze over during winter

    8. People that did not mine for gold set up:
      A) Saloons
      B) Banks
      C) Supply Stores
      D) Only A and B
      E) All of the above

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