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Cows & Pigs & Chickens & Such Theme Unit (K-2)
Discover life on the farm with this Debbie's Unit Factory theme book. Discover what's inside an egg, how cows are milked, learn about farm animals, grow your own plants and much, much more can be found in this hands on theme unit.

Baskets Of Apples Theme Unit
Help your K-1 class learn how apples develop from blossoms in the spring time to apples ready for harvest in the autumn. Your class will learn what is inside an apple and will grow their own apple trees from seed. They will learn about the legends of Johnny Appleseed and John McIntosh. There are many science experiments, craft projects, recipes to make, books to read aloud and a play to perform.

Farm Animals
This is a lesson plan for grades K-1 students. Children take a field trip to a farm and are able to sequence farm pictures, write a story with a beginning, middle and end and be able to list at least 3 attributes when shown a picture of a farm animal.

How Farm Animals Help
This lesson plan is for grade 1 children. The objectives are for students to be able to tell how farm animals help us and describe how lamb's wool becomes cloth.

Growing and Harvesting
This is a lesson plan for preschool children. Students learn the various parts of a farm and what is grown on a farm. They also match fruits and vegetables to locations where they are grown.

Springtime on the Farm
This is a lower primary level lesson. Students match farm animals with their sounds and are able to identify characteristics that make each farm animal different.

The Farm
This lesson plan written for Kindergarten children exposes them to farm life and the animals found on a farm.

Colonial Farm Life
This is a lesson for grade 4's. Students learn what life was like living on a farm in the 1700's.

Cow's Eye Dissection
Learn all about the workings of an eye by dissecting a cow's eye. This site uses Real Audio and guides you step by step through the procedure.

On The Farm Or At The Zoo
Children will discuss the relationship between people and different kinds of animals, then categorize animals into two groups, farm animals and zoo animals.

Animal Babies on the Farm
In this lesson plan written for grades K-2 children learn the names of farm animals and their babies and the sounds they make by playing a variety of games.

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Tractor  Learn About The Farm  Tractor

NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
This site has many links to cow, pig, horse and rabbit sites on the Internet.

Little Explorers
A great selection of farm links for grades K-3. There are worksheets, activities, colouring sheets and lots more at this site.

The 4-H Farm at the University of California, Irvine
Learn all about farm animals and farm life here. Great site if you are looking for farm info.

barnyard buddies homepage
Here you can play an online game called Race To The Barn, print pictures of farm animals to colour and send comments about each of the animal characters online.

Kids Farm
Learn all about farm animals and the work involved in farming. You can also hear real animal sounds.

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Corn Farm Clip Art   Tractor

Farm Clipart
Here you will find lots of farm clipart divided into categories making it easy to find what you are looking for.

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