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Dream Catcher Line
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Dream Catcher Line

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Father's Day Links

First Nations Lesson Plans

Father's Day Cards & Gifts

First Nations Links

Animal Lesson Plans

Animal Links

    Dream Catcher Line

Eagle First Nations Lesson Plans Eagle

Lesson Plans
This is a lesson plan for Kindergarten children on Native Americans.

Native American Populations
This mini unit is written for grade 2 students on a native american theme.

Native American Interdisciplinary Educational Unit
This is a lesson plan for grades 2-4. Students learn about Native Americans.

Moccasin Making
This lesson plan for grades 4-6 allow students to make moccasins.

UNIT 1: A World Of Their Own
This unit is written with activities for grades 1-3. Students learn about the Native American culture.

Here are 12 more lesson plans relating to First Nations issues. Topics included are: the Inuit, the Metis, land claims, Indian reserves, self government, administrations of justice, aboriginal women, health issues, media images, urban First Nations, literature images and residential schools.

BC EST - Aboriginal Education: First Nations IRP Canadian Flag
Take a look at British Columbia's First Nations Integrated Resource Plan for grade 12.

Dream Catcher Line 

Indian Man Learn About First Nations People Indian Man

Reed Interactive's Online Projects
At this site you will find versions of traditional aboriginal legends.

Arctic Circle
Here you will find photos and info on the history, natural resources, people and culture unique to the Arctic.

Nunavut Planning Commission Home Page Canadian Flag
On April 1, 1999 a land claim settlement of a new area called Nunavut was created in Canada's Arctic. Learn all about this new territory here.

Bill's Aboriginal Links
This site provides an extensive set of links to aboriginal resources. Countries included are Canada, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
A very complete index of First Nations links on the web. Learn about their culture and history.

This site explains the history behind the Dreamcatcher.

Whale Line

Cat Animal Lesson Plans Cat
Here is resource unit on Marine Mammals for Grade 1. You will find activities, dot to dots, a word search and more links.

Whales on the Net - Home Page
Discover the world of whales here. There is information and pictures on the Humpback, Sperm, Gray, Sei, Blue, Right, Orca, Bowhead, Fin, Minke Whales and even dolphins. There is also a unit on whales where students incorporate the use of the Internet into their studies.

Whale Songs
More resources on whales for teachers.

Whale Line

Lion Learn About Animals Lion

This is an excellent site to learn about bears. There is a section called the Cub Den which is written in simple language for young readers. You will find information and pictures on the Spirit or Kermode bear, polar bear, sun bear, grizzly etc.

Newt&Salamander's Homepage
Learn all about newts and salamanders here. There are care sheets telling what they eat etc, pictures, and just lots and lots of info.

Birmingham Zoo - The Animal Omnibus
This site has plenty of resource material on many different animals. It is complete with a search engine for easy browsing.

General Information About Primates
A collection of links on Primates such as gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans etc.

San Diego Zoo - Zoological Society
Learn about lots of different animals and view colour pictures of them. There is info on endangered species as well.

African Safaris - On Safari in Africa
Learn about zebras, hyenas and other wildlife in Africa.

CYBERPANDA Shi Shi and Bai Yun
This site is dedicated to Panda Bears. There are pictures and info on two famous pandas, Shi Shi and Bai Yun (loaned to the San Diego Zoo from China for the purpose of studying them).

ZooNet Image Archives
A complete collection of animal images.

Whale Line

Pens & Pencils
 Father's Day Links 
Pens & Pencils

Billy Bear's Happy Father's Day
This site has pictures and ideas to colour and make cards for dad as well as clip art, screensavers, craft ideas and links.

Fathers day
You can learn about the history of Fathers Day at this site and visit some other links.
Learn how to build a remote control holder plus email a card to your dad, print and decorate gift IOUs, make Father's Day bumper stickers and give your dad an award certificate all found at this site.

Father's Day
Learn about the history of Fathers Day, get some clip art and craft ideas here as well.

Kid's Domain Father's Day
Children will find many projects to make for their dads at this site. There are colouring pages to print, electronic cards to send, clip art, word searches, a maze and links to follow.

Joan Irvine: How to Make a Pop-Up Canadian Flag
Learn how to make a pop-up card here.

Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids
Learn how to make a sunflower picture frame, magnets, helping hands bouquet, jewellry and so much more at this site.

Crafts For Kids - Home Page
This site has many different craft ideas and is divided into categories such as musical crafts, puppet crafts etc.

Projects Page
Here is a collection of crafts to make. You will surely find something here to make for your father.

KinderCrafts - Enchanted Learning Software
Learn how to make egg carton animals, dream catchers, masks, dioramas and so much more.

Crafts Index
Here is a craft site using paper bags, play clay etc.

Father's Day Cards & Gifts

The IFLOWERS Virtual Gallery - FREE Virtual Flowers!
Send your mother some virtual flowers or email her a postcard for mother's day.

All 4 Kids Father's Day Greeting Cards - Children Father's Day greeting cards postcards with cartoon cat Marlo Marmalade, dog JJ Jamm
Kids can send e-cards to their fathers or print and colour the picture to make their own paper card.

A Virtual Present Many thanks to Marge for this link.
Choose a virtual present to send to your dad.

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards  Many thanks to Marge for this link.
Send your dad a musical card for Father's Day!

CommerceAsia's Greeting Card  Many thanks to Marge for this link.
Personalize your greeting card by choosing from many different tunes such as-Endless Love, Tears In Heaven, Red Red Wine etc.

Whale Line

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