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Dinosaur Line
Dinosaur May Links Dinosaur
Dinosaur Line

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Dinosaur Lesson Plans

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Dinosaur Links

Mother's Day Links

Dinosaur Clip Art, Jokes & Fun

    Dinosaur Line

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Lesson Plans Tyrannosaurus

This is a lesson plan for grades 1-3. Students will learn about fossils and dinosaurs.

Read, Write Now -Dinosaurs
This site has a list of dinosaur fiction and non fiction books complete with activities for each book.

Learning from the Fossil Record
This site has dinosaur lesson plans and activities. It has an outline of each lesson plan listing which grades it is applicable for. Here are just a few examples I have sorted through:

This lesson plan is for grades K-2. Students compare two kinds of dinosaurs based upon the structure of the pelvis.

Students learn that body design affects balance. Written for grades 1-4.

In this lesson plan students learn how to be a paleontologist. They are presented with a grid and pictures that they must draw in the correct space. Students then analyze the data. Written for grades 3-12.

The Field Museum of Natural History
At this site you can take a tour of the museum and see the dinosaur artifacts. You can read about the various dinosaurs. Teachers can download lesson ideas about dinosaurs under the Education section.

Zoom Dinosaurs - Enchanted Learning Software
Learn all about dinosaurs here and take a dino quiz to test your knowledge.

This site has dinosaurs you can print, colour and make.

Dinosaur Line 

Diplodocus Learn About Dinosaurs Diplodocus

Fundy Geological Museum, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia Many thanks to Tim for this link.
Discover Nova Scotia, Canada's link to the dinosaur world. You will see some of the oldest dinosaur bones on earth and learn all about dinosaurs at this site. You will be able to learn about some of the creatures that lived here millions of years ago - the world's first reptiles, the ancestors of frogs and early dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Eggs @
Go on a hunt to discover where dinosaur eggs were found and what was inside the eggs.

Middle School Earth Science Explorer
Learn about dinosaurs, why they became extinct and what the earth was like during their reign.

Learn all about many different dinosaurs here.

This site has lots of information on various dinosaurs. There are lots of animations which makes it enjoyable for children to visit.

The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette -Teefr - The Dinosaur Times Back Issues
This website is devoted entirely to dinosaurs. You will find info on dinosaurs, movies and videos.

The End of a Legacy: How did the dinosaurs meet their demise?
Read 4 different theories on why the dinosaurs became extinct.
-Cosmic Collision
-Recurring Mass Extinctions

Royal Tyrrell Museum Main Menu Canadian Flag
This museum is located in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. It is named after Joseph Tyrrell who discovered the first dinosaur remains in the area in 1884. Complete with a search engine, you can view dinosaur exhibits, learn about the different dinosaurs, take a virtual tour of the museum, learn about the programs offered there and get links to other Dinosaur sites on the web.

Kids on Campus - Museums
Here are some more links and information about dinosaurs.

Scotty: the Tyrannosaurus Rex at Eastend, Saskatchewan Canadian Flag
This small town in Saskatchewan, Canada has been made famous by the discovery of a T.Rex nicknamed Scotty. You can view pictures of Scotty as well as get links to many more dinosaur related sites.

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
At this site you can take a narrated tour of the museum and see colour photographs of the dinosaur exhibits. Lots of information is provided.

DINO RUSS's LAIR - DINOSAUR and Vertebrate Paleontology Links
A good collection of dinosaur links.

Dinosaurs page
This page is dedicated to the sitcom Dinosaurs with the Dino family, the Sinclairs

Dinosaur Line

Dinosaur Dinosaur Clip Art, Jokes & Fun Dinosaur

Welcome Page - A to Z One at a Time List of Dinosaurs
Here you will find an alphabetical list of dinosaur pictures on the Internet.

You will find many dinosaur jokes here that children will love to hear and re-tell.

Children can have fun making a new dinosaur simply by clicking on one of three body parts to change their dinosaur. Young children will enjoy this.

Flower Line

IrisMother's Day Iris

Craft Ideas

Joan Irvine: How to Make a Pop-Up Canadian Flag
Learn how to make a pop-up card here.

Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids
Learn how to make a sunflower picture frame, magnets, helping hands bouquet, jewellry and so much more at this site.

Crafts For Kids - Home Page
This site has many different craft ideas and is divided into categories such as musical crafts, puppet crafts etc.

Projects Page
Here is a collection of crafts to make. You will surely find something here to make for your mother.

KinderCrafts - Enchanted Learning Software
Learn how to make egg carton animals, dream catchers, masks, dioramas and so much more.

Craft Library: Mother's Day
Get instructions on how to make a lollipop plant and a few other crafts for mother's day.

Crafts Index
Here is a craft site using paper bags, play clay etc.

Moms day
You will find directions for making crafts for your mom and you will be able to send her an email card from here.

Flower Line

RoseSend Mother's Day Cards & PresentsRose

The IFLOWERS Virtual Gallery - FREE Virtual Flowers!
Send your mother some virtual flowers or email her a postcard for mother's day.

Greeting Cards for Awesome Moms by Awesome Cyber Cards for Mother's Day and all year
Here is a large selection of cards to email your mom to brighten her mother's day. There are also Mother of the Year awards you can send her.

Virtual Flowers Homepage
Send your mom some virtual flowers online.

A Virtual Present
Choose a virtual present to send to your mom.

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Send your mom a musical card for Mother's Day!

Flower Line

Mother's Day Links

Happy Mother's Day
This site has pictures and certificates to print and colour as well as mother's day links and card sites. You can also read about the history of Mother's Day.

Mom's Day Fun at Kid's Domain
This site has cards to print, decorate and make, screensavers to decorate your mom's computer, clip art, pictures to colour, books to read with your mom and crosswords to solve.

Billy Bear's Happy Mother's Day
Make your mother an award certificate, get ideas for things to make your mom, print some mothers day stationary and get some game ideas to play.

Mother's Day
At this site you can read all about the history of Mother's Day and the first Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day
This site tells about the history of Mother's Day and has some beautiful poems about mothers that could be used on cards.

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