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Ocean Links

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Whale Templates
Here you will find pictures of whales to print and colour and games to play using your knowledge of whales.

This is a thematic unit on whales which includes lesson plans for grades K-8.

Lots of information on whales and whale sounds can be found here.

Whales and Ocean Life
Here is a theme unit on whales for grade 3 students.

Whale Echolocation
This is a lesson plan for grades 2-4. Students learn how sound and echoes can be used to track objects.

Whale Songs
You can follow the route of scientists aboard the Song of the Whale in the Azores Islands in their search for sea creatures.

WhaleTimes Kid's Page
Learn about whales, read whale tales sent in by other children and even help to write an ocean tale.

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CrabOcean Teaching Ideas Lobster

Conchologists of America -- Fun Stuff
At this site you will find poems, limericks, shell activities and lots of other shell things.

Sea and Sky: The Sea
This is a great site to learn about sea creatures. There are interactive games consisting of word searches, crossword puzzles and concentration games.

Wonders of the Seas
At this site you will find different lessons on sea creatures. There are lessons on sponges, cnidarians, mollusks and echinoderms.

Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Resources
You can find information and lesson ideas on whales, sharks and other sea creatures here.

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DolphinOcean Links Dolphin

The Cephalopod Page; Octopuses, Squid, Cuttlefish, Nautilus by James B. Wood
You can find lots of information on cephalopods-octopuses, squids, cuttlefish and nautilus here.

Underwater Terror: Our fear of sharks
Learn about sharks at this site. You can read about shark attacks and myths about sharks.

Ocean Planet: In Search of Giant Squid
Learn all about squid at this site.

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