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Pirate Quiz
( Bring It On! )
Grades 3 - 6

      Welcome to Debbie's Unit Factory interactive Pirate Quiz. Test your skill with these questions.

    1. Why did men become Pirates?
      A) It was fun
      B) It was easy
      C) It offered adventure and fast cash
      D) It offered adventure and no money

    2. An Article was:
      A) A piece of clothing
      B) A newspaper story
      C) A rule
      D) A magazine story

    3. To 'sack' someone during Pirate times meant:
      A) Firing them
      B) Hitting them
      C) Pushing them
      D) Shooting them

    4. Which member of the crew received an extra share of the treasure?
      A) Sailing-master
      B) Quartermaster
      C) Captain
      D) Lieutenant

    5. When Pirates misbehaved they were:
      A) Flogged
      B) Gagged with a burning rope
      C) Thrown overboard
      D) All of the above

    6. What story had a Pirate named William Kidd?
      A) Treasure Island
      B) Peter Pan
      C) Blackbeard
      D) All of the above

    7. Which Pirate sailed on Canadian waters and drank tea?
      A) Black Bart
      B) John Phillips
      C) Blackbeard
      D) Edward Teach

    8. Name the Pirate born February 1, 1782 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec:
      A) Bartholomew Roberts
      B) Bill Johnston
      C) John Phillips
      D) Blackbeard
      E) All of the above

    9. Which Pirate wanted to become a shipbuilder?
      A) John Phillips
      B) Blackbeard
      C) Black Bart
      D) Bartholomew Roberts
    10. Which Pirate's father was rich and owned a plantation?
      A) Mary Read
      B) Black Bart
      C) Captain Hook
      D) Anne Bonny

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