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Groundhog Day
Valentine's Day 100th Day Activities
Black History Dental Activities

Groundhog Line
Groundhog Day

Wiarton Willie Home Page Canadian Flag
Learn about Canada's famous weather forecaster, Wiarton Willie. 

Groundhog Poems and Rhymes
Here is a collection of poems and songs for Groundhog Day. Applicable for grades K-3.

Groundhog Day
This is an excellent site for your class to visit and get ideas about Groundhogs Day from. There is a report written by intermediate students about Groundhogs. Teachers will love the suggestions of activities to try in their own classroom. Check this site out! 

Project Groundhog in Newfoundland
This is a project for students world wide. Students keep track of the weather after Groundhog Day to determine if the groundhog is a good weather forecaster. There are work sheets and calendars to download and use. There are also songs and a picture to print and colour.

Groundhog Day History from Stormfax�
Learn about the history of Groundhog Day here.

Day of the Shadow
At this site you can learn about groundhogs and shadows. There are pictures to colour, online quiz to take, a game to play and lots more.

Here is information on the woodchuck.

The Nature Guide Gallery-Gopher
Learn all about the woodchuck here. Included at this site is information on a woodchuck's appearance, habitat and behaviour.

Groundhogs Day - TCFTCOGD
You can read about the history of Groundhogs Day and see a picture of Punxsutawney Phil. 

Groundhog Day
More info and history about Groundhogs Day. 

Groundhog .org - the Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club
This page is fun in that it gives predictions since 1887. More history of Groundhogs Day can be found here. 

Groundhog Line
Black History

Education First: Black History Activities
Here are some ideas and activities to use in your classroom for Black History month.

Stamp on Black History Home Page
Here are some ideas and quizzes for Black History month.

This is a timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement.

A Celebration of Black History
This site tells you all about important African American people from the past and has the history of these people.

Groundhog Line
Hundredth Day Activities

100th Day of School Homepage
Lots of interesting ideas for day 100.

A collection of ideas for celebrating 100 days of school.

Dental Activities

The Tooth Fairy
There are many links on dental education here.

Oral-B Teaching Tools
There are lesson plans for primary and intermediate students on dental health at this site. There are activity masters to print and use with your class.

Dental Zone Health Quiz
Test your dental knowledge with this online quiz. Appropriate for older grades.

Sew A Tooth Fairy Pillow - Sewing - From The Mining Co.
This site has a pattern of a tooth complete with instructions on how to sew the pillow.

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