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Lesson Plans Cariboo Gold Rush
Klondike Gold Rush      California Gold Rush
Gold Rush Clip Art

Lesson Plans

Barkerville Bound
The story of the Gold Rush including the California, Cariboo (Barkerville) and Klondike gold rushes. This theme book is written for grades 3-5 and has everything you ever wanted to know about the Gold Rush. Come on a search for gold and rediscover Gold Rush fever.

Barkerville Bound Language Card
Compare jobs from the Gold Rush era to those of today. 

Barkerville Bound Language Card PDF Version
Download a PDF version of this Language Card. 

Gold Rush Interactive Quizzes
Choose from two different interactive quizzes on the Gold Rush to test your knowledge.

OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange - Social Studies 
This lesson plan is for grades 5-12. Students hold mock trials in the classroom. 

Students are responsible for writing a historical newspaper.

The Gold Rush: Teacher's Guide
This site is based on a PBS documentary on the California Gold Rush. It provides background information and a teacher's guide complete with pre viewing activities etc.


Cariboo Gold Rush

Begbie: First Among Men
Read all about the life of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie.

History of Victoria
At this site you can learn all about the history of Victoria British Columbia and how Victoria was involved in the gold rush.

Index of Barkerville Website 
This site has a newspaper archive from the Cariboo Sentinel, information on Barkerville during its glory days and also has a keyword search. 

British Columbia 
View colour pictures of Barkerville, Canada.. A good site to visit to see what a gold rush town looked like. 

19th Century Advertisments 
Read advertisements from the 19th century. 

Welcome to Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo, British Columbia
This is a complete and thorough site about Barkerville. You can read real ads that were placed during gold rush times and read some newspaper articles from that time period as well as see pictures of Barkerville and learn lots about this gold rush ghost town. 

BC Museums Association: Barkerville Historic Town 
This site only gives a brief description about Barkerville as a historical site. It tells hours of operation and what your visit to Barkerville can entail. 

BCCFA - British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid - Genealogy 
This site might be useful in your study of the Cariboo gold rush. You can search the database and find out where important historical characters are buried. 

Tragedy & Riches: The Story of Cariboo Cameron 
Learn about Cariboo Cameron here. 

At this site you can search for almost anything from British Columbia, Canada's history. 

About the Village of Cache Creek 
Cache Creek, BC in Canada was a half way point for travellers to Barkerville. Learn about this small community and its importance to the Cariboo gold rush. 


Klondike Gold Rush

Learn everything there is to know about the Klondike gold rush. This is a thorough site complete with a time line of events and lots and lots of information. 

California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush 
Information about the California gold rush. 

Gold Rush Chronology 1846 - 1849 
This is a complete and thorough site that contains chronologies about the California gold rush. It is an easy site to navigate with lots of useful info. 

Gold Rush related postcards collection 
This site has colour postcards on the Gold Rush. It's a good site if you are looking for pictures relating to the Gold Rush. There is also lots of information about the California gold rush written here. This is an informative site. 

Gold Rush Clip Art



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