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Snowman Line
January Links

Snowman Line

Special Days


Louis Braille's Birthday

Winter Lesson Plans

Martin Luther King's Birthday



Penguins & Antarctica


Arts & Crafts

Snowman Line

Toboggan Lesson Plans

Science/Language Arts 

Brrr, It's Cold!
Discover the frosty world of snow and ice with your K-1 classes and Debbie's Unit Factory.

A Visit To The North Pole
Learn all about the humans and creatures that inhabit the Arctic region. This is a Debbie's Unit Factory theme book written for grades K-4. 

Snow Wonder
Take your class on a science and nature winter adventure. This theme book is written for grades 3-6 and has many hands on science experiments to be performed. Another great Debbie's Unit Factory product.

Card Index: Seasons: Summer, Winter
A huge selection of winter songs, poems and activities can be found here.

NorthWind Home Page
This site has plans and directions showing you how to make igloos outdoors. It also has some winter lesson plans using saws to cut shapes out of snow.

Macintosh HD:Documents:CBI:WINTER.html
This is a lesson plan for grade 2 and has ten integrated lessons on the subject of winter.

Polar Bears In Captivity
Download a critical thinking activity about polar bears. Appropriate for grades 2-4.


Algorithms and Ice Cream for All
This is a math problem for intermediate students involving problem solving.

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Polar Pairs Java Game
This is a game of concentration for young children using arctic animals. Each time you make a correct match there is a description of the animal. You need a java enabled browser to play.

Snowman Line

Penguin & Snowman Penguins And Antarctica Penguin & Snowman

* Welcome to Live from Antarctica 2 *
Lots of info on Antarctica for teachers and students.

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 Arts & Crafts Snowman

Fine/ motor/ Art
Get directions for winter art activities at this site. The activities are geared toward early childhood.

Learn how to make ice candles here.

Make a snowman using three styrofoam balls and some glitter.

Snowman Line

Special Days In January

January 4 Louis Braille's Birthday
Louis Braille was blinded at the age of 3. He invented an alphabet that allowed blind people to read with their fingertips.

January 15 Martin Luther King's Birthday
Martin Luther King was an African American civil rights leader. He led the fight for justice and equality for all Americans.

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