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Salmon Links

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Teacher Resources

Salmon On The Run Updated 1999
An Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Responsibility for your grades 5-7 classes. The salmon has been exploited for many years. The destruction and pollution of its spawning areas and over fishing is taking its toll on salmon stocks. Let your class understand the need to ensure the survival of this powerful fish.

A Salmon Tale Updated 1999
Follow The Salmon On Its Magnificent Journey. This theme unit is written for grades 2-4. Learn all about the tale of the salmon beginning with its life as an egg and ending with its miraculous journey back to spawn in the very place it was born. Your class will also learn the importance of this great fish and the need to protect it.

Salmon On The Run Info Card
Get a free Info Card written about salmon for grades 5-7.

Salmon On The Run Info Card PDF Version
Download a PDF version.

A Salmon Tale Science Card
Label the parts of a salmon.

A Salmon Tale Science Card PDF Version
Download a PDF version.

Lesson Plans

Salmon lesson---FAQs
This site has a list of questions about salmon for your class to find answers to. The answers are provided as well.

Salmon lesson
This site has a Salmon Survival Game complete with graphics for you to print and use in your classroom.

Education Center Activity: Life Cycle of Pacific Salmon
This lesson plan teaches students about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon. 

Science Lesson Plans
Download a lesson plan about the salmon homing instincts for grades 3-9. 


Salmon Info

Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery
This site gives you salmon facts and info.

Scroll down the page to read about the difference between an Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Information about salmon is also found here.

Pets in the Aquarium!  
Planning on setting up an aquarium in your classroom? Visit this site for valuable information and lots of links.

BC Salmon Marketing Council 
This site gives you fish facts, recipe ideas and nutritional values of fish. 

Save Our Wild Salmon 
This site explains why salmon are dying and what we can do to help. 

Sonoma Watershed Council: Fun Fish Facts
This is an excellent site for your class to visit to test their salmon knowledge. There 
are many questions asked on the main page with links to the answers. There are also salmon pictures. 

The Salmon Page
Tons of information about salmon. This web site is maintained by an elementary 
school and is very well done. A definite "must see" for your students. A definite  motivator on creating class web pages. 


The Pacific Salmon

BC Salmon
Learn the amount of salmon exports each year from different countries.

Climate Change and Pacific Salmon
Learn how the climate affects the salmon.

Pacific Salmon (Endangered Species), Wildlife Species Information: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
This site outlines some of the obstacles a migrating salmon encounters.

Pacific Salmon Hatcheries: Species Identification
Read about the different species of Pacific salmon.

Meet The Pacific Salmon
Another excellent salmon resource with pictures of salmon to download. This site is very thorough in its discussion of the 5 Pacific salmon species and is written in 
language that is easily read by both younger and older students. 

The BC Salmon Page
Enter the world of the Pacific salmon here.

The Pacific Salmon Treaty
Detailed presentation of just what is included in the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Dates,  facts and numbers are included. 

U.S.-Canada Salmon Conflict
This site has some information on the Canada-Us salmon conflict.

The Atlantic Salmon 

Life Cycle of the Atlantic Salmon
Discover the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon.

Welcome to ASF
This site has lots of information on the Atlantic Salmon. There is an education site with a program for grades 4-6 to learn about the salmon.

Atlantic Salmon
Read all about the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon. 

Atlantic Salmon 
Information about the Atlantic Salmon can be found here. 

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