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Holly Line

   Puppy Games, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts Puppy

Christmas Freebies
Check this page out compliments of Debbie's Unit Factory. You will find a Christmas tree word search, puzzle and games, arts & crafts activities and greetings in 16 different languages.

Not Just for Kids! Candy Cane Ornament
Learn how to make a candy cane ornament using paper twist ties.

Christmas Tags
At this site you will find a collection of Christmas tags to print and colour.

Christmas Coloring Book
Here you will find Christmas pictures to print and colour.

Christmas coloring pages
Here is a collection of Christmas pictures to print and colour.

Build a Snowman : An Artisitic Activity for kids, a Java applet.
This is a java applet where children build a snowman much the same way they would play Mr. Potato Head. Christmas - Activities and Games
This site has lots of Christmas activities ranging from games, sites to write to Santa Claus, coloring pictures and much more.

Lisa's Christmas Crafts
At this site you will find directions for making Christmas crafts.

Activities for Kids
Here is a great collection of activities for children to have fun with at Christmas time.

Here is a collection of Christmas arts and crafts ideas, book and movie lists for a Kindergarten class.

KinderArt - Seasonal Themes - December
Here is a great collection of Christmas craft ideas for early childhood.

Christmas Gifts, Shopping and Advertising Banners - Free art - hot award winning site!
At this site you will find animated greeting cards to download and email, Christmas carol midi files and clip art to use.

Absolutely Christmas
This site has Christmas arts and crafts ideas, riddles, recipes, games, Christmas stories and a chance to write to Santa Claus.

My Christmas Page Including Links to other sites for all ages!
This site has many different links for Christmas arts & crafts, stories and general Christmas links.

Christmas Time at Kid's Domain
Get Christmas crafts, word search puzzles and mazes, holiday graphics, pictures to colour, Christmas music and lots of links to explore.

Shareware Reading Game - Twisted Tails
Download a free sample of Santa's trivia game for children and adults alike.

A Christmas Coloring Book
Choose from a wide selection of Christmas pictures to print and then colour.

Twas the Night Before Christmas
This is a listener directed version of the famous story, Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Holly Line

Christmas Tree Lesson PlansChristmas Tree

A Visit To The North Pole (K-4)
Learn all about the humans and creatures that inhabit the Arctic region. This theme unit has poems, language and research activities as well as cross curricular activities.

The Christmas Express! (K-2)
Celebrate the magic and innocence of Christmas with your class. There are many fun songs to sing, poems to read aloud and even a Christmas play to perform. Your students will enjoy the many festive activities and will find success creating the many arts & crafts activities.

Brrr, It's Cold! (K-2)
Discover the frosty world of snow and ice with your kindergarten to grade 2 class. There are many fun science experiments to perform, a play to perform and lots of language activities to help your children learn about the winter season.

Snow Wonder (3-6)
This winter theme unit for grades 3-6 has many winter, snow and ice experiments and activities to do. There is also a play to perform. Your class will learn about winter while having fun.

Lesson Exchange: Christmas Theme on Reindeer (Elementary, Literature)
Here is a collection of lesson ideas on a reindeer theme for third grade.

'Kindergarten Connection"
Here you will find an integrated unit on The Gingerbread Man for kindergarten grades.

CTFO Real Tree Education Site
At this site you will find lesson plan ideas on Christmas trees and tree farming.

A to Z Lessons - Gingerbread Houses
This is a lesson plan for grades 2-4 in which students learn how to build a gingerbread house.

Fiesta Navidad
Here is a theme unit based on a Mexican Christmas. It is written for kindergarten students.

CTFO Virtual Tree Farm main page
Take a tour through a Christmas tree farm.

Holly Line

Mouse Christmas Clip Art Mouse

Christmas Clip Art
Here is a nice collection of Christmas clip art.

Chanukah Clip Art from Kid's Domain
Here is a collection of clip art for Hanukkah.

Holly Line

Santa Christmas Around The World Santa

Kwanzaa Time at Kid's Domain
This site has information and clip art etc for Kwanzaa.

Welcome to A Christmas Celebration
Get recipes for Christmas goodies, clip art for letters, words and some music for carols, share some traditions online, learn all about traditions around the world and much, much more.

Christmas on the Net - Welcome
Learn all about the first Christmas and why stockings, holly etc are related to Christmas. There are also crafts to make, pictures to colour and lots more.

A World Wide Christmas Calendar
Learn all about Christmas traditions around the world and learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in many different languages.

Christmas Traditions in France and Canada
Learn about Christmas traditions and history in Canada and France.

Christmas in Poland
Learn about Christmas in Poland.

Holly Line

Christmas Traditions & Symbols

Christmas Stockings
Learn how the Christmas stocking came to be a tradition for this holiday.

Christmas on the Net - The Story of the Christ Child and Christmas
Learn about the Christ Child and Christmas.

Holly Line

Santa Santa Claus Santa

Your Direct Line to the North Pole
This is your direct contact with the North Pole. Children can write letters to Santa Claus, the reindeer or the elves. A fun site to visit that will keep your class amused.

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
This site has recipes, stories, songs, traditions, and a chance for kids to email Santa. Excellent place to visit.

Holly Line

 Bell Christmas Trivia Bell

Christmas Trivia Quiz
Test your Christmas knowledge with this on-line quiz.

Holly Line

Stocking Christmas Stories Stocking

Christmas Stories
Here is a collection of Christmas stories to read online.

Absolutely Christmas Stories
This site has six Christmas stories to read. There are ratings so you know what age level the stories are appropriate for. The stories are, The First Christmas, The Happy Prince,The Selfish Giant, How Billy The Elf Saved Christmas, Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus.

Christmas Stories and Poems
At this site you will find many different Christmas stories and poems. There is also a Christmas play for young children to perform and many different Christmas songs and activities.

Holly Line

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